Admatic Big Data solutions can help you get control of your data, delivers data-driven insights effectively.

Enterprise ready with full support for Admatic InfraStudio™ & Admatic DataFlow™ Engine.

Solutions Offered

  • A one-click solution for Big Data Infrastructure – One of the key challenges in bigdata adoption. Being Infrastructure – setup & management, we can deliver the same in few seconds versus few weeks if handled by them, Reasons Continue reading →
  • A Marketing as a Service platform hosted on the cloud – to handle any Marketing activities for a Brand / Product / Service / Event / Conference – so they can off-load their marketing activities to us – with inbuilt market intelligence – identifying potential customers, tracking the hot conversations across web for the sales team to work on, analyzing sentiments of customers and more. Continue reading →
  • Run Complex data Pipelines by drag & drop – a visual big-data flow designer on the Servers powered by InfraStudio - Hadoop, Apache Pig, Apache Hive, Native MapReduce & Streaming MapReduce Jobs – all without touching the CLI. Continue reading →
  • OpenCrawler - is a distributed intelligent Web Crawler Project which crawls & aggregates data with collective efforts by off-loading crawling tasks to agents that runs on volunteer machines - on-premise & cloud, thus updating a centralized HBase Server. As of July 2013, we are crawling 7 mn web pages per day with 300+ VoMs [ 200 cloud servers ]. Continue reading →