Open Crawler – A smart web crawler platform that can get the complete essence from any site.

  • Simple UI. No manual effort. – Very minimal input to tell what info need to be crawled out. And leave the rest to the crawler. In a matter of time, info you requested will be ready to be downloaded. (Options to store them in any SQL/NoSQL Storage is available).
  • Quick as lightening – No one can stop Open Crawler! Because it is not a mere bot. It is a lightening tool! Even before they find that they are being crawled, Open crawler would finish crawling!!
  • Selective Crawling – Not all info is required to be extracted. So, choose the info what is required and open crawler crawls only those selective content. Thus, this totally eradicates the major effort in cleansing the data later.
  • Handles any complex sites. – Open crawler is a platform that includes variety of implementations of crawling techniques, based on the type of site being crawled. Static, Dynamic, Scrollable, Quick, Edge & Image are few examples.
  • Complexity & Intelligence – Do the smart web sites use Ajax? No worries. They use CAPTCHAs? No worries at all. They provide only mobile apps? Still we can crawl it!! What if they go a mile extra and make everything as images rather than text content? They might not be aware that Open Crawler has an internet scale OCR engine to extract content from images too. If it is on internet, for anyone to view, then we can get it for you!
  • Legality – Open crawler collects only the data that is available and open for public. Open crawler does not steal any private data. Open Crawler automates the entire process of data collection online, however complex the presentation of that data is!!