Admatic Marketing Automation

Admatic Marketing Automation

Admatic Marketing Automation – Get your company’s personal robot for online marketing!!

A Marketing as a Service platform hosted on the cloud – to handle any Marketing activities for a Brand / Product / Service / Event / Conference – so they can off-load their marketing activities to us – with inbuilt market intelligence – identifying potential customers, tracking the hot conversations across web for the sales team to work on, analyzing sentiments of customers and more.

Admatic Marketing automation supports sharing, promoting and listening in multiple social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogger, Youtube etc. Multiple free classifieds
(40 different free classifieds sites) are also supported.

  • No API – Admatic marketing autmation does not rely on APIs. Complex computer vision algorithms are used, in combination with machine learning that self learns the changes made to the UI and performs automated activities. By this way, no option to block at all due to automation, since we mimic the activities exactly like a real user.
  • All major sites – All major social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Blogger and Youtube are currently supported. User can automate not just sharing a message on these sites, but can promote and amplify the reach. Group posts, page posts are also supported. Youtube & LinkedIn automation is a unique key feature as there is no API support at all, but then you have Admatic Marketing automation tool.
  • Plan your marketing – Schedule the marketing activities for any given period of time. Scheduling make the activities look more organic, so the possibility of reach is more, and therefore you can outrun your competitors marketing team.
  • Save Cost – Automating a major part of the marketing team, will reduce the need for more marketing personnel, and moreover the marketing automation tool delivers a consistent performance 24×7.
  • Measure ROI – Getting the complete stats and return of investment made for the marketing activities on a simple dashboard is going to save your time to a great extent!
  • Manage multiple accounts – One marketing user can attach multiple accounts of each social media to a single admatic marketing account. So, a single user can manage the posts and promotional activities of multiple users all with just select and clicks!.
  • Save Time – What it typically takes 4 hours a day for marketing in these media, by multiple people in a company’s marketing team, all that could be done in an hour just once in a week, for exmaple. Reduce the effort in marketing in social media and online classifieds.
  • Solves CAPTCHAs!!! – We have intelligent machine vision enabled architecture that is going to solve the CAPTCHA issue. We break all the barriers and automate as much as possible. Option to receive complex CAPTCHAs as mobile notifications to multiple destinations is also available.


  • Skills: AWS API, PaaS, MaaS, Cloud, Apache Mahout, Apache Hadoop, Apache Hive, Java, Python
  • Client: Internal