Admatic Big Data Platform

Admatic Big Data Platform

Admatic Big Data Platform – Get the Powerful Big Data Platform for your Business

The ultimate big data platform, which is modular, pluggable, and could be easily integrated with scalable architecture, and that could process structured text, XML, JSON, semi-structured data and unstructured data such as images, audio & video etc. with no coding at all. Just Drag-and-drop workflow design.

Features -

  • Multiple SQL(Oracle, MySQL, Postgres) and NoSQL(Elasticsearch & HBase) DB connectors.
  • Every possible transformations and rich utility libraries.
  • Machine learning, PDF/Document extraction, OCR, NLP, NER.
  • Image Audio and Video processing (with real time results).
  • Scale up your processing to any level ON-DEMAND.
  • No coding required. Just DRAG-&-DROP.
  • Visualization and Charts
  • Direct upload, FTP Urls, Amazon S3, Youtube support available for data ingestion.
  • XML and JSON data parsing support.

Describe more about product

This is an end-to-end data analytic tool, which can ingest data, transform/process the data and finally visualize the end results. It has extensive support to any platform like Hadoop, Spark etc., which qualifies it to be a completely plugglable and flexible component. This is the world’s first and currently the only big data platform with the ability of performing Image & Video processing, NLP, NER, machine learning, OCR etc.