Admatic Data Platform

Admatic Data Platform powers our InfraStudio & DataFlow Engine which has everything you need to provision Infrastructure, manage & develop complex data pipelines with Hadoop Stack, in a matter of minutes.

 Admatic Data Platform is Powerful, result Oriented approach capable of handling your Big Data Challenges.


  • Extract data from various sources – Flat Files, RDBMS, EDW, NOSQL Databases
  • High-throughput data ingestion
  • File based or streaming data


  • Workflow management with DataFlow Engine
  • Catalog & metadata management


  • Crunch structured, semi-structured & unstructured data
  • process data at petabyte scale
  • Online or Real-time or batch processing

Visualize & Report

  • Integration with external applications, commercial BI & EDW platforms

The result is a comprehensive data management tool that automatically takes care of the pipelines involved in any data process flow. This helps us be focused on your specific requirements based on industry and designed to address your exact business requirement – more rapidly, more cost-effectively than would otherwise be possible.