Admatic after 2 years of Stealth mode – Inviting Investors!

Admatic, a Big Data company + 13 IPs on Marketing Automation, Realtime Image, video process,Computer Vision, AR, Object Recognition, OCR & Digital Media!

Admatic has an in house technology and execution team consisting of passionate engineers and architects – since August, 2012 till date.
  • Our Core Competency is Technology based Automation
  • In House Expertise to handle even complex tech challenges
  • Core Technology Expertise in following areas
Domains: Marketing Automation, E-Commerce, Big Data Insights, Digital Media, Data Acquisition, Data Science, User Intention Analytics, Location Commerce.
Tech Expertise: Big Data, Computer Vision, Cloud, Augmented Reality, Real-world Object Detection & Recognition, Realtime Data Crunching - Text, Image, Audio & Video Fingerprinting & Processing.
Invest in Passion, Invest in Admatic!

Solutions Offered

  • A one-click solution for Big Data Infrastructure – One of the key challenges in bigdata adoption. Being Infrastructure – setup & management, we can deliver the same in few seconds versus few weeks if handled by them, Reasons Continue reading →
  • A Marketing as a Service platform hosted on the cloud – to handle any Marketing activities for a Brand / Product / Service / Event / Conference – so they can off-load their marketing activities to us – with inbuilt market intelligence – identifying potential customers, tracking the hot conversations across web for the sales team to work on, analyzing sentiments of customers and more. Continue reading →
  • Run Complex data Pipelines by drag & drop – a visual big-data flow designer on the Servers powered by InfraStudio - Hadoop, Apache Pig, Apache Hive, Native MapReduce & Streaming MapReduce Jobs – all without touching the CLI. Continue reading →
  • OpenCrawler - is a distributed intelligent Web Crawler Project which crawls & aggregates data with collective efforts by off-loading crawling tasks to agents that runs on volunteer machines - on-premise & cloud, thus updating a centralized HBase Server. As of July 2013, we are crawling 7 mn web pages per day with 300+ VoMs [ 200 cloud servers ]. Continue reading →

About Us

We are engineers who are passionate about making things work for customers, be it on the infrastructure, data migration, or getting your workflow run on our platform.
We get that done often instantly, thus with almost no operational risk, you get complex data pipelines, infrastructure up & running in seconds than weeks.

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We have built, managed, and architected products used by many.

Our engineers are dedicated to taking ownership of your issue, no matter what is causing it, and getting to the root of the problem & solving it.

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